The three-storey wooden structure we fondly call, The Monal’s Tree House. Built along a simple rustic theme, this exclusive fine dining extension of The Monal offer Italian, French and Mediterranean cuisines in a most serene and comfortable seating.
Depending upon their mood and the weather, The Tree House offers our patrons three exciting seating options. The first is our indoor dining area, which extends through a glass wall into the vista of Islamabad city by day and its shimmering lights by night. Then comes out semi-covered wooden floor terrace, with live music playing in the background, and a splendid view of the captial below, the Margallas to the right The Monal to the left.And finally, is our open-air seating area for those who seek the expanse of open skies or the romance of a moonlit night. Whilst the indoor hall has a formal dining decor, with elegant banana-leaf furniture, the other two seating areas are set up with the latest burnt wood furniture- the best when it comes to outdoor luxury and comfort.
Within a very short, the excellence of the ambiance and cuisine at The Tree House has attracted regular patronage from Islamabad’s elite. This includes not only the top management of the corporate sector, but also foreign diplomats. Delegations and other visitors from abroad frequent the place avidly for a view of the aerial beauty of Pakistan’s capital.